TTCC has successfully delivered maintenance solutions to various government agencies, including state and local, over the quarter century. Our unparalleled reputation has been shaped thru exceptional quality, public accountability, and value. We have protected our clients’ reputation with correct conduct, responsiveness, and regulation required by public service.

GSA buyers, visit our GSA page to view our information pertaining to the Federal Supply Schedule (GSA GS-21F-185AA).


Through our commercial partnerships, we help create smarter and healthier work environments for tenants and visitors – our customer’s workspace is our workspace. Our high performing commercial cleaning teams, continual investment in innovation, well-designed plans, and cost-effective solutions will help you get back to doing the business you do best.


Optimal learning is dependent on various factors, yet one of the most important factors is a clean, healthier and safe environment. TTCC helps create this environment through exceptional service quality, scalable solutions maintenance solution, and environmental stewardship principles. Our experience in educational environments and national network of resources will help you focus on the important part of your job – educating and nurturing tomorrow’s leaders.

Why Choose TTCC

We value measureable performance as much as our clients depend on it. Our flexible maintenance solutions, which embrace quality, value, savings, and high user-satisfaction, will positively impact your business. Our governance structure, which encompasses self-monitored efficiencies, deliver ongoing cost reductions and high quality service aimed at exceeding our customer’s expectations. Through computerized reporting we streamline management, service delivery, and ultimately increase value.GSA-Contract-Holder

Our Promise

  • We will aid the continuity of your business through a customized and scalable maintenance service solution.
  • We continually implement innovated cost savings and quality improvements.
  • Our self-monitored reports will provide full visibility.
  • We will focus on exceptional value creation through collaboration and pro-activeness.

TTCC Maintenance Service Solutions Benefits

Our commitment does not start nor does it end with the typical business day, as a supporting service provider we will meet your needs and identify where we can

  • 365 / 24/ 7 service and response
  • On-site management and supervision, enhancing user experience and safety.
  • Tailored maintenance service solutions featuring cost controls to support client budget and show value for dollar.
  • Trained and seasoned maintenance team that performs work discreetly, protects confidential information and respects security requirements.
  • Eliminating time waste and work duplicity with proven methodologies and streamlined processes.
  • Strategic planning, service efficiencies, and record transparency with a first-hand view to cost savings.
  • Identity protection through compliance adherence and high service standards.
  • Self-monitored performance standards.
  • Innovation and technology with the end goal of saving, efficiency, and quality.

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