TTCC, Inc., as a team participant, gained substantial merit for combined efforts at the Metcalfe Federal Building in Chicago, Illinois, in supporting the Closed Loop Recycling Project. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office 5 and the General Services Administration (GSA) recognized the Metcalfe Federal Building employees and the janitorial staff of TTCC, Inc. for their recycling efforts under this program.

In 2001, GSA recognized TTCC, Inc. for buying back products made from recycled paper to use in the Metcalfe Federal Building. This approach also impacted the reduction of janitorial and recycling costs. By going to a mixed paper sort, TTCC, Inc. spends less time removing paper and taking it to the building’s compactor. Additionally, TTCC, Inc. paid less for paper products for the restrooms.

This achievement was a first for a Mid-Western GSA Federal Building to close the recycling loop. With the successful designing services outcome at the Metcalfe Federal Building, TTCC, Inc. has expanded these practices to other buildings it services to implement these same recycling initiatives.